Winning Words Write, Edit, Translate offers CV proofreading services

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Good grammar, and at least correct spellings, are essential for a business to be taken seriously. It is unknown how many people take one look at a poorly written website and immediately dismiss that business – no known research has been done on it. However it is highly likely to happen far more than some companies, especially those which give little credence to grammar and correct spelling, may believe. Winning Words Write, Edit, Translate is here to offer writing expertise to those businesses.
Winning Words Write, Edit, Translate offers proofreading services for as little as £0.005 per word. This equates to £0.50 per hundred words, and therefore to proofread an average CV (500 – 800 words), the price should be between £2.50 and £4. Of course generally there are formatting improvements to make, so as with most items, the prices tend to be based on time taken to improve the piece, and individual arrangements between company and client will be made.

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