Tools and charts

Visiblox will help you develop high-performance charts in a matter of seconds. They are providing high quality visualization components of any data. These Visiblox Charts are available to use over a month’s period for free as a trial so you can decide for yourself if the product is worth your money. As a data visualization and software company they are constantly expanding and improving their products and services.

Actipro developed several chart tools that can help developers create WPF Charts, WPF Chart Control and WPF Data visualisation. They are proud of their products and are marketing their tools as Lightning Charts trying to make out a better view point for a better customer understanding of the speed at which their charts are running at. Actipro Charts for WPF is a set of full-sized charts that provide rich visualization for quantitative data. It’s designed to make even the most complex data easily.

SpreadsheetGear provides Excel compatible workbook viewing with Silverlight and direct browser editing by using the SpreadsheetGear 2012. Demos are available for all products so you can start doing some quality WPF charts work right after purchasing without getting a headache when trying to get around the program.

SciChart is a financial and scientific software house that sells WFP Charts products for developers. As a WPF Chart component (Windows presentation foundation), SciChart will give you WPF Chart controls helping you create the best WPF Charts in the world. They also have a reputation of providing world-class support for their products so don’t be concerned if you buy one of their license and will not figure out how to use it because you will have at least one year of support from the team. Coming Soon: The World’s Best WPF Chart Control has been ported to iOS! Real-time, interactive, High Performance iOS Charts with blazing Objective-C / OpenGL performance comes as standard.