Directories and guides

Quality approved websites of UK is an independent guide to a UK directory of high quality business websites. All categories have at least three websites included.

Saney is a directory of top UK sites classified by category. The administrator only accepts high quality websites and spam is strictly forbidden.

This website offers cloud computing tools. They have automation products that maximize the efficiency of systems used by the client’s businesses.

This is the Cambridge Internet Directory where anybody can add their free listing of their business.

Wood Dir is a wood and manual edited British directory that features business operating in the fitted furniture industry. All businesses listed here have gone through a solid filter check that verifies the businesses results, age and reputation in the industry making sure that only checked and respected companies with a solid reputation are added. Wood Dir does a great job in listing United Kingdom based companies activating in the fitted furniture industry. This makes up for a great UK manual edited directory that is surely keeping the highest standards by applying through checks when fitted furniture business apply for listing in one of the three categories available, and those are Flooring, Wood Work and Furniture. Wood Dir is a British manual edited website directory that sums up some of the best known businesses in the United Kingdom’s fitted furniture industry.